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All games at all Parks will be played in accordance with National Federation of High School (NFHS) rules unless otherwise modified by the following rules.

PW 1. Game Times and Scoring

A. 6 inning games
B. Time limit 1 hr. 20 min.
C. 7 runs max per inning. Insurmountable lead rule is in effect (Game should end if and when win or tie is impossible)
D. Games may end in a tie and need not be completed unless League standing is impacted. (spring season will not end in a tie, due to All Star Coaching)
E. Incomplete games (less than 4 innings) need not be resumed unless League standing is impacted.
F. Mercy Rule is 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings.

PW 2. General Rules

A. Faceguards are mandatory or you may use a “C” flap.
B. Headfirst slide
● not allowed, when a player is advancing to a base
o Runner will be out; ball is live and other runners may advance
● allowed, when player is returning to a base
C. Bats
● 2 ¼” D must be 1.15 BPF stamped bat or USA Baseball approved
● Big Barrel (2 5 /8 and 2 3/4) bats are legal for this Level of play but must also be a 1.15 BPF stamped bat or USA Baseball approved.
D. Each team is allowed to have four (4) coaches, which includes the manager. This will allow two base coaches, one coach in the dugout, and one additional coach for pitching.
E. Pitchers will be limited to three (3) innings maximum per game. (1 pitch or play = 1 inning).
F. Adult will Pitch the first (2) innings

● During Adult Pitch, each batter can receive a maximum of five (5) pitches or
three (3) strikes. Adult pitcher must pitch the ball overhand from the rubber. If the sixth pitch or third strike is hit foul, the batter will continue to receive pitches until the ball is missed or hit into play. If a batted ball hits the Adult pitcher, the ball is dead and no pitch is declared. The defensive pitcher may position himself within 3 feet of but only even or behind the pitching rubber.

Kid will pitch all subsequent innings starting with the 3rd inning.

● During Kid Pitch, the standard balls and strikes count will be “in effect”.
If a pitcher hits (2) batters, during the same inning or (3) in the same game, the pitcher must be removed from the mound.

No Walk Rule: If the batter receives a fourth “called ball” from the pitcher, the batter will receive two pitches from the Adult pitcher. Note: If the batter has two strikes called against him and the Adult pitcher enters the game for two pitches, the batter can only swing at one of the two pitches. If there is only one strike against the batter and the Adult pitcher enters the game, the batter can elect to swing at both of the pitches. The “integrity” of the Pitch Count must come into play. The adult pitcher must pitch the ball overhand and each of the two pitches will be automatic strikes no matter where the ball is placed. If the last pitch or third strike is hit foul, the batter will continue to receive pitches until the ball is hit into play or the batter does not swing at the last pitch.

G. Each team to provide their own baseballs. (1 per game minimum per team)

H. Plays not allowed.
● No walks will be issued (unless batter is hit by kid pitch)
● No bunting during coach pitch
● No Infield Fly
● No Leading off from base
● No Base stealing
● No fake bunt and then swing away.
o Contact is not necessary.
o The batter is out, the ball is dead and runners cannot advance.
I. Free defensive substitutions are permitted provided that minimum play requirements, determined by each team’s Local Association, are met.
J. All players who are eligible to participate shall be placed in the batting order and bat consecutively in that order.
K. 9 players will be allowed on defense with standard infield and 9th player in the outfield.
L. If a team starts play with eight (8) players, an automatic out will be taken for the ninth (9th) position in the batting order for every cycle through the batting order. (No penalty of an out, if loss during the game is due to injury/sickness). At the discretion of the team Manager; If a player arrives late for the game, that player may enter the game and be inserted at the end of the batting order, even if the team has already completed one cycle through the batting order.
M. A team warning for "slinging the bat" will be issued for the 1st offense. Any player from that team will be called out on any subsequent occurrence.

PW 3. Replacement Players

Will be allowed during Regular Season but not Post-Season Tournament play, when your team falls below nine (9) players.
A. Replacement player(s) can be from another team from your Association of same or lower Level
B. If only one (1) team in your Association, replacement player(s) can be from another REC. team of same Level in your League
C. Cannot add more than nine (9) players to a team.
D. The added player(s) must bat last, play in the outfield and may not pitch.

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